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Your Healthy Abundant Life is a space designed for health conscious individuals, who want to take control of their health – the natural way. We are called to live an abundant life, lets make it healthy as well…

Whether you want to boost your immune system, improve your digestion, have clear glowing skin, increase your mental clarity or reverse a horrible diagnosis, this place is for you.

I’d like to explain how my journey has bought about a radical change in both thoughts and actions in my life that have led to health and wellness – the natural way.

This is the approach that helped me. I have encountered incredible benefits I am now passionate to share with you how to embrace this lifestyle and empower you to make the shift for yourself.

Faced with the prospect of having to take medication and the horrible side effects that entailed I now know there is an alternative way to embrace your life, to be healthy, whole and happy. Along with this comes weight control without even trying….. I’d love to share this with you.

Throughout my life I have always assumed I lived a fairly healthy lifestyle and consumed a fairly healthy diet. I wasn’t fanatical about anything but I didn’t consume too much sugar and stuck to a low fat diet. All good, or so I thought. Little did I know that years down the line the low fat diet would come back to bite me.

In November 2013 I suddenly started feeling unwell. I had random weird symptoms including a strange giddy feeling, I felt generally unwell and tired amongst other things. The doctor could not pinpoint what was wrong, but after many trips to the surgery and blood tests later I was told I had an autoimmune condition.

That diagnosis was so scary and knocked me completely into a state of frozen fear. I was told I had to be on medication that had the most horrendous side effects and according to the specialist ‘ there was no other way’.

After my panic state subsided I knew in my heart there had to be an alternative, so I started researching. I began to understand terms like anti-inflammatory diet, detoxification, nutrient dense nutrition and how food can be our medicine. It makes sense really, although I had never thought about it before, but what we put in our body is SO important.

It was in this place that lightbulb moment happened. Habit change, awareness, empowerment and the journey began. With my head in the functional medicine books I was determined to connect the dots.

You can’t expect a car to run properly if you fill it up with the wrong fuel and thats the same for our body. Our cells need good healthy fats to function correctly and our bodies need whole foods that are full of nutrients to perform properly.

The low fat ‘fake foods’ I had consumed for years had not provided my body with the right building blocks and here was the end result. Of course there were other things to factor in, but the basis was the food I was putting into my body. I also heard for the first time the term ‘leaky gut’ …. What was that?

I now know that unless you get to the root cause of the health issue any medication you take is just like a band aid and in fact could be damaging your body in other ways.

This has led me on a journey to re-train and empower myself and from that this passion to help others understand that there is another way to be strong, healthy and to maintain our weight without these fad diets.

I hope you join me on the journey. I look forward to sharing with you how to change your nutrition and lifestyle, to not only restore health and vitality but also the keys to reverse dis-ease in your body.

I look forward to connecting with you.

Hayley X



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